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blog-marketingWhy your business need it?

The main reason is simple: today the companies that don’t have a site are not well perceived by people and can totally appear suspicious. Indeed, people look on the internet before making a decision to purchase a product, a service, or to go to a particular place (restaurant, hotel, event…).

When people want to know more about a particular thing they have in their mind, they are more likely to go on a search engine such as Google, and to type the name of this thing.

The first thing a person should find on a search engine is the website of a the business/product/service they want to know more about, so it is crucial for any company to take action and make this necessity become true.

A website is like a business/product/service ID to a potential customer. This is the place to find the main and most important information that potential buyers need to know: who, where, what, how…

But it is also an opportunity to show a business personality/image, to provide useful information and to sell product/services directly on the web.

A website is a huge part of a trust & E-reputation building.

What about a blog? Why your business need it? 

A blog can really boost your activity. The sites that have a blog receive an average of 55% more traffic; so it goes without saying that it can be a great traffic source. A blog can help your site appear higher on search engines and therefore attract more potential customers.

A blog generate more sales. Indeed, companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. But of course the content should be interesting for the readers.

It is also a great source of content for your social medias. It is good to post other’s content but it is always better to post your won content. It is the best way to connect with potential customers.

Most of all, with a blog you can transmit your company personality, story, values, culture and expertise, but also why you are better than the competition. It is a very good tool to engage and seduce consumers.

Plus, a blog is the best way to give credibility to your activity. Why?Because it makes you provide continuous information about your activity, so it is a valuable way to show your “know-how”.It can easily build your E-reputation and generate the trust of a customer before the purchase decision.

A blog can also be a part of the customer service. It enables to use the FAQ as an inspiration to create useful content for your clients, but also to gain incredible time by directly sending your customers to blog articles when they have a question.

Big brands use this technique, so why not you?

71% of brands use a blog! And your competitors might already have one. Without a blog you risk to stay behind your competitors. In a “very lucky” case your competitors don’t have a blog, take advantage of this opportunity to become the leader in your sector thanks to your blog.

A blog can generate 434% more indexed pages (that is essential to grow in the search engines).

What exactly will be done? 

#1 Analysis of your business and target market.
#2 Report sent to you with advice on how to develop/improve your web presence and get more leads.
#3 Collaboration agreement and contract signature
#4 Gmail account creation that will enable the easy share of information with you and of all the work we do + FREE Google Plus profil creation.
#5 Site and/or blog and/or E-shop creation (optional)
#6 Updating and optimization of your site / blog /E-shop (optional)
#7 Content creation for your site / blog /E-shop (optional)
#8 Bi-weekly or monthly reports