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Social Media

social-media-marketingWhy your business need it?

Consumers want to see companies on social medias. If they don’t find your company they will ask themselves “why?” and the spontaneous answer in their mind will often be “because of a lack of professionalism and customer service”.
With more and more social media users, and continuously developing social platforms and sites, every single businesses must incorporate at least one social media presence in their strategy.
Your business approach have to take in consideration people influence and the different roles that they play in the social media realm.
Moreover the social media platforms have changed over the past years to not only fully entertain their users but also to be a part of businesses marketing strategy.
A social media is an priceless tool to connect with your target market. It enables to “engage” people.
Not only social media marketing can directly generate leads but it can also play a role in other marketing efforts.

Numbers talk:
  • In 2014, 65% of the consumers used social media.
  • In 7 years the social media use has grow by 712%.
  • People spend 1 on 6 online minutes on social media.
  • In the world: 1.28 billion of users
  • In the USA:
    – 155 millions Facebook users
    – 107 millions Twitter users
    – 63 millions linkedin users
    – 50 millions Instagram users
    – 21,5 million Pinterest users
    (source: Social media today)

What exactly will be done? 

#1 Analysis of your business and target market.
#2 Report sent to you with advice on which social media platform you should be present.
#3 Collaboration agreement and contract signature
#4 Gmail account creation that will enable the easy share of information with you and of all the work we do + FREE Google Plus profil creation.
#5 Creation of social media accounts (if you already have one or several social media accounts, no problem, we can take care of it).
#6 Social media management
#7 Bi-weekly or monthly reports