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Why Email Marketing is not Dead and is More Effective than Ever?

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If I asked you to name the most reliable, cost effective, targeted and environmental friendly marketing strategy that’s being used right now, would you have ever agreed on the fact that its Email marketing ? Yes I would too. But with the numerous social media networks that make appearance rapidly, marketers tend to question the reliability and the validity of email marketing. Is it actually dead or in the verge of disappearing soon? No, it is not. Email marketing is still alive and is yet the most effective marketing strategy that would benefit your business in so many ways. In order to proceed further, here are some major key points that would help you understand why Email marketing is yet the most effecting marketing strategy ever.

Why is it more effective?

  • As a marketing strategy, it enables visitors to engage with your work and as a result helps maintain strong relationships with your customer. Gone are the days of merely advertising your business on television or radio not knowing if people would actually see it or not. The ‘new age’ emails are more personalized and are more targeted. It helps you reach your customers personally and builds trust with them. Because trust me people would never buy your product or service if they have any doubt about it.

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  • Email marketing builds awareness about your business by making it more visible to people. With each email sent, your customer is exposed to your business and by frequently connecting with them and by answering common questions, whenever a product requirement is generated, you will be their most reliable option. Since emails can be shared easily among others, you are benefited with the opportunity of creating a larger group of customers positioning yourself as a well known business. Each person that shares your brand act as brand advocates and they help your business gain more credibility.
  • Email marketing is overlooked by marketers mainly due to the fact that it is being the most inexpensive marketing strategy prevailing right now compared to all other marketing strategies. And this can be considered as another major reason as to why it is yet known to be very effective than ever. With email marketing, you don’t have to deal with postal fees, advertising rates, print costs and nor will you need so many employees and designers to maintain it.

I now thoroughly hope that the above mentioned key points of email marketing would help you clear off any doubts or negative ideas you have been battling with all this time. The ability to connect with your customers in a shorter period and the ability to reach them, understand their personal preferences and buying needs is what makes email marketing more effective than ever. Working with a proper design and a structure will surely help you benefit from this marketing strategy.

Email is not going to disappear, possibly ever. Until the robots kill us all’ – Paul Buchhiet.

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