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Why Bloggers & YouTubers are Businesses New Money Magnets?

online-influencers-marketingHow many hours do you think a person spends watching YouTube videos on an average scale? Or have you ever imagined the number of blogs that are being created right now? And how many blog posts are being published daily? Studies have shown that Over 409 million people view more than 19.8 billion pages each month. And a person spends almost about 23 hours on YouTube in one month.

It is quite an obvious fact that people enjoy watching videos rather than reading. And above that, isn’t it fascinating how you could add up a load of information in a video that could be even less than 3 minutes?. Have you ever wondered why there are so many youtubers and bloggers around the world and why they spend time making videos and publishing blog posts daily?

With the evolution of various technological advancements, and means of earning, youtubers and bloggers are the new age money magnets for businesses. In fact it has now turned out to be an addiction. And we could observe that many businesses tend to use this as an opportunity to promote their company.

How can youtubers and bloggers help bring in more revenue to businesses?


Videos provide entertainment along with information, and customers love entertainment. It is also a great way of informing and creating awareness. YouTube videos provide a great space for advertising your businesse through video advertisements and pop-up advertisements. It has been proven to be one of the most successful revenue providers in the century today, due to the publishing of advertisements and promotions. Businesses can simply provide a blogger or a youtuber with necessary information along with the required payments and receive publicity of their product or service to escalate their business in to a higher level of success. The return on investment of working with a Youtuber can be huge. Indeed, the audience really give their trust in the Youtubers and therefor are easily convinced to buy what is talked about in the video.

With an average scale of over 1 million views per day, youtubers provide one of the best forms of advertising by making customers around the world view the same content at different times and in different locations.
Youtube videos are highly personalized and satisfy the viewer’s requirements so the viewer has the ability to search and watch any type of video they needs. Youtube also provides subscriptions and recommendations to suit your requirements. This makes it easy for businesses to capture the target audience in order to promote their company.

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Businesses earn more revenue by gaining customers through advertising their company through famous bloggers. Since they are surrounded by a large number of viewers, the businesses are sure to gain more publicity and customers leading towards them, ensuring more sales along with more revenue to the company. A business that is looking for vital improvement should definitely promote their offer through bloggers.

The ultimate goal of a business is to climb up the ladder of success by earning more profits in a shorter period of time. And it is necessary for a business to identify the most effective and accurate marketing methods that’s suits the era that we live in, in order to achieve its goals easily.

What do you think? Would you need the help of a blogger or youtuber to help promote your products or services?